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Atlas Asimi 1m

From £2,500.00

This cable from the Atlas range has charmed, amazed and impressed all that have heard it.It adds precision and clarity to the overall reproduction but without losing timbre and that is the mark of a truely outstanding high end cable.

TelluriumQ 1m Interconnect Cables

The cable range from Tellurium, amply justify a premier position in the cable field.There cables have a really musical quality and at these price points they are very good cables indeed.

TelluriumQ Speaker Cables


The range of cables is now very extensive so please call for a price.e.

TelluriumQ Ultra Silver Power Chord 1.5m

From £399.00

The TQ Ultra Silver Power Chords are for the price frankly exceptional by any standard.Put these cables in a high end system and the increase in performance is immediate and anything but subtle.

Transparent Audio Interconnect cables


Transparent audio interconnect cables are available as The Link, The Link 100, The Link 200, Music Link, Music Link Plus, Music Link Super, Music Link Ultra and Refence.They cater for all requirements from the first upgrade from patch leads supplied with components, to the absolute pinnacle of audiophile excellence.

Transparent Audio Power cables


Transparent audio power cables, available as Power Link Plus, Power Link Super, Power Link Reference and Power Link XL..

Transparent Audio Speaker cables


Transparent audio speaker cables are available as Wave 200, Wave 100, Music Wave, Music Wave Plus, Music Wave Super, Music Wave Ultra and the Reference range.They cater for all requirements from the first upgrade to the absolute pinnacle of audiophile excellence.

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