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Audio Research LS17SE

VT Line Stage Pre-amplifier.  A-V Loop, SE-I/O, Bal-I/O.

Audio Research LS27

Hybrid JFET/tube stereo line stage with remote control.This the latest incantation of this level preamp with the LS25 and LS26 being it's predecessors.

Audio Research PH6 phono stage

This sonically superior phono stage has taken over from the PH5 and 3 which ran for 9 years and was universally liked.But all good things come to an end and now we have the PH6.

Audio Research Ref 6 Pre Amp

The Reference 6 is not simply a market-driven product, but rather, a solution to a need which arose after the creation of the Reference SE Series amplifiers.According to Warren Gehl, who is responsible for sonic development of all Audio Research products, the new series of Reference amplifiers offer a level of musical and dynamic capability only made apparent when using the flagship, two-chassis Reference 10 Preamplifier.

Prima Luna Prologue Premium CD

This CD player is a sensation for the price.It's well built with a sonic performance of equipment costing far more.

VTL TL 2.5i Pre Amp

R/C Line Stage Pre.6 No RCA Line inputs.

VTL TL 5.5 Mk 2 Signature Line Pre Amp

This very comprehensively specified line stage only version of the TL 5.5 range comes in at a far more affordable price and has the same quality of build and sound as the full preamp.

VTL TL 6.5 Signature Line Pre Amp

Tube complement: 2 - 12AU7 tubes.Fully differential circuit with balanced in and out with mirror-image layout.
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