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E.A.T ECC83 Selected


This high quality valve is compatible with ECC88/6DJ8.Includes a cool damper.

E.A.T KT88 Diamond


This high quality hand made valve really is Rolls Royce quality..



This is a matched pair of Diamonds..



This is a matched quartet of Diamonds..

Entreq Tellus Silver

This Swedish company is not a name that will be familiar to many of you.But there has been a buzz about there products by the well informed for some time.

Franco Serblin Accordo Speakers

The Accordo due to the restricted production they will be extremely rare.The Accordo's display all the traits you would expect from a master designer like Franco Serblin.

Franco Serblin Proscenium Speakers

These simply beautiful sounding speakers are from the design guru Franco Serblin the ex owner of Sonus Faber.If your thinking oh yes, another pair of Sonus's, your are very wrong.

Future Glass GEM range


The Future Glass racks are quite unique.They have a minimal aesthetic which is very smart and beautifully finished.
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