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Entreq Silver Tallus. Installation

Cost: £POA | Date: 2014

A further upgrade to an already great system.This upgrade really has put the icing on the cake.

Audio Research/Marten

Cost: £63,500 | Date: 2010

This the forth system that we have installed in over two decades, for this customer in Buckinghamshire.This music only system upgrade was evolved as always by a process of elimination over a period of some weeks before the final choice was made.

Begravia London

Cost: £POA | Date: 2009

Centralised Crestron based Multi room audio and video system.Data and phone patch panel.

Kitchen Seating Area & Basement Cinema

Cost: £60,000 | Date: 2007

This is the area within the kitchen were the family relax.The cabinet and plasma surround are desined by us and purpose built.

Densen, Rotel & KEF

Cost: £16,000 | Date: 2006

This system is set in very modern surroundings and had to blend in accordingly.The system and cupbaords are all housed in a false wall with the Densen equipement being expressed on glass cantilever shelves.

Our Favourite Install

Cost: £6,000 Ex Building Cost | Date: 2005

This is our all time favourite installation and is based on mainly Rotel equipement.Its not about the equipement but the music! This one of three systems within the property and concentrates fairly and squarely on MUSIC.
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20 January 2017

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