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DCS Rossini System in Bedfordshire

28 May 2017

I have put together a HI End system to show just how good the Rossini is.It comprises of the Rossini,Word Clock, Audio Research Ref 6 Pre, Pathos Adrenaline Amps and Marten Coltrane Soprano's.

DCS Rossini & Word Clock

20 January 2017

The DCS Rossini and Word Clock are now run in and sound just wonderful.I can't quite believe the difference between this Model and the DCS of old.

Franco Serblin Lignea

18 November 2016

This new addition to the range.It is visually stunning to look at and of course sounds superb.

Audio Research Ref 6 Pre-amp

15 March 2016

The units that I ordered a while ago now have 380 hours of the 600 required for full run in.The unit is suitable for demonstration and I can guarantee a great treat for those with systems that require this level of excellence.

Accordo Speaker

17 February 2016

New comments added on main section. After the sad loss of Franco Serblin the really fabulous Accordo is still available in two finishes,Walnut and Greyed Walnut.

New Audio Research Ref 75 SE Amp

25 April 2015

The Reading show was as usual a really nice relaxed show and was used to release in the UK the new SE version of the Ref 75.I used it with the Kteme Accordo and Proscenium speakers for the whole weekend.
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