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Tellurium Cables

15 January 2015

Tellurium have picked up anther reward to go with just about every other possible award going and for good reason so We suggest you go here buy cheap Rolex watches

VTL S200 power amp.

15 January 2015

The fabulous S200 has picked up another award and not surprisingly so for an amp that almost looks after itself.I use one fitted with KT88's for personal listening and am always thrilled with it's presentation.

Transparent Cable Upgrade

10 December 2014

Transparent Cable Co and Absolute Sounds the importers are continuing to run a great upgrade scheme. The scheme applies for customers upgrading from PLUS level upwards and will give a minimum of 70% of the original price towards your new cable! For further information please call 01582 485 316.

Entreq Installed.

02 October 2014

The Silver Tellus installed in one of our customers system.This really does add the icing on the cake by the ship load.


13 July 2014

Customers keep reporting that they cannot believe by just how much their systems have improved after a couple of weeks.I have now been using this product for some time and know that any really serious audiophile should consider it.

Graham Phantom III Supreme Arm.

31 May 2014

Well it was a long wait for the arm to arrive and I know have the only Mk III in the country.It's early days yet to tell just how good this combo might be.
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